As you may already know, many of today's automobiles incorporate high security measures into their keys. You may have already encountered this when attempting to have a key duplicated, only to discover that your newly cut  key would not start the vehicle.

It all started with the Chevy Corvette. Since 1986, the ignition key uses a "chip" imbedded in the blade, which must match the value stored in the onboard computer of the vehicle. Without the correct key, the vehicle is disabled. 

Since then, another anti-theft technology has emerged as a favorite for auto manufacturers- transponders. The electronics involve a two-way communication between key and computer of the vehicle, and if this link does not exist, the vehicle is disabled. An example of these is the Ford F-150 pickup truck, manufactured since 1999. A person has to have 2 keys just to have a duplicate key made, unless you have the special equipment we have.